Keep Your Patients and
Profits In-House

With NO Additional Overhead

SINCE 2008, WE ARE THE Most Trustworthy, Knowledgeable &
Experienced Surgeons

Services Include Implant Dentistry, Surgical Extractions,
Periodontal Surgeries & Endodontics.

First Comprehensive Mobile Surgical Services™

The First Comprehensive Mobile Surgical Services for Dental Offices in the USA™

Do what you do best, we do the rest!™

Since 2008, Implant Outreach™ has been the First Comprehensive Mobile Surgical Services for Dental Offices in the United States™. We are an organization created by dental surgical experts who are passionate to help dental offices offer Implant Dentistry, Surgical Extractions (including impacted molars and fractured roots), Periodontal Surgeries (including crown lengthening, gingival grafts and pocket reduction flaps), and Endodontics, in the patient-friendly environment of their own office. We have also recently added Mobile Endodontics to the services that we offer to our contracted dental offices.

How Implant Outreach is different from
the solo traveling surgeons?

Completely Mobile

We bring absolutely everything we need in our mobile surgical carts, including all surgical and disposable material, instruments and surgically-trained dental assistants.

Training Provided

We will train your staff on proper communication techniques, insurance billing and methods to increase case acceptance.

Comprehensive Network of Surgeons

You will always have a travelling specialist even if your regular specialist sick or on vacation.

Advantages of teaming up with Implant Outreach™

When a dental office enters into a partnership with Implant Outreach™, our unique, comprehensive, and caring approach gives them many advantages. To find out more about these important advantages, please call and make an appointment with one of our consultants today (888-871-0009), or send an email to

We Keep Procedures In-House & Reclaim Your Profits

Dental Implants

We are First Comprehensive Mobile Surgical Services for Dental Offices in the United States™

Periodontal Surgeries

For Periodontal Surgeries, we perform crown lengthening, gingival grafts, and pocket reduction flap surgeries.

Surgical Extractions

For Impacted wisdom teeth, we performs the operation, which is known as wisdom tooth extraction.


“I am honored to write this testimonial for Implant Outreach group of traveling surgeons. They help me offer dental implants to all my edentulous patients in my own office and substantially increase my net profit with no extra liability or hassle for my practice. If you would like to know more about my experience, please e-mail ( or call me: 949 689 6823”
Dr Pearson

“To whom it may concern, I was at Dr. P’s office yesterday for a surgery to replace my bottom right gum with Implant Outreach. I want to let you know that they are very professional, gentle, and kind. I feel very comfortable and safe in their hands. If I know someone that needs a dentist, I will recommend Implant Outreach for sure. Your staff is so kind and professional. I feel so great. Thank you so much!”
Francesca V.

“Due to the economy, I was looking for ways to keep profit in my office. I have been working with Implant Outreach now for over one year. I have been very pleased with their clinical expertise and professionalism. They completely inform my patients of the work and the cost of the necessary treatment. My patients find this service very beneficial since they have all the work done here. This relationship has been very good for me, financially. I would highly recommend this service.”
Dr Ken

“Everything was smooth, and was explained to me clearly. The team is wonderful, and I am so pleased that the staff at Implant Outreach performed the procedure.”
Elizabeth E.

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